Charge Energy Drink Commercial

Charge - Energy Drink Commercial - Houdini from David Grzesik on Vimeo.

A full, fairly indepth breakdown can be found here.

Special thanks to Brooke Eilers for her help completing the textures and materials for the cans and ground and another thanks to Michael Dalbello for the amazing sound design.

What else better than a commecial for an energy drink to showcase visual effects in a clean, concise, and complete manner. So, that was exactly my plan, make an energy drink commercial. This project was completed by myself with the exception of the cans and ground materials and textures being handled by Brooke Eilers and sound design by Michael DalBello. It was a wonderful experience having to work out the concepts and problem solve their solutions as a lot of the effects seen are very intertwined with one another with multiple layers. The greatest of these being the ice growth effect, which the rest of the effects are based on.

It was nice having the support of another 2 artists, I believe it really pushed this project to it's limits for the 10 weeks we had to complete it. It was challenging to make sure that they were getting the correct information and files as I was working on them, as well as making sure I paced myself and left everyone enough time to get their work done properly. Despite these difficulties, the final product ensues. There are a few changes that need to be made, however, as due to time limitations and restrictions in rendering the quality of renders are not as high as I would like them. Not only this, but the Zdefocus method used in nuke as it left noticable artifacts along the top edges of the cans in multiple shots. The next time I am able to, I will be making sure to get higher quality renders out for the best final product possible.

One of my biggest concerns with this project was the camera and lighting, as I wanted to make sure that the commercial was dramatic and interesting enough to really push the intensity of the effects, while also maintaining the timing and pacing of the effects. I spent a lot of time making sure the early on camera sweeps were tight and evenly spaced as well as fluid for a single and continuous move. Obviously, the more intense and dramatic the camera move, the greater the potential to push the energetic feeling of the product through the effects. I wanted the lighting to complement the dramatic camera moves and accentuate the can and effects, since they are what we are advertising and what is the main focus. The intense spot lighting helped ensure an intense viewing of the product and effects while also keeping things simple and clearly conveyed.

The majority of my time went to the ice growth and dry ice effects. I wanted to do ice because there is no one direct and easy way to create ice and it comes with a ton of interesting problems that need to be solved. Keeping something open ended like this lets me have so much freedom in design and style. I have done other custom solver effects in the past and have really enjoyed making these tools, so I thought I would have my try as ice. It ended up being a significantly experimental and researched process that was very interesting and rewarding. It helped me push the ice effect just that much further to make it the stunning and detailed effect it is now.

I detail the ice effect in significant detail here, so if you're interested I highly suggest checking it out!