Procedural Animation

Procedural Animation Lightshow - Houdini - Mantra from David Grzesik on Vimeo.

Password is "lights"

This project was directly inspired by an art installation called 'Deep Web', a kinetic audiovisual performance by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke done at the Festival of Lights Lyon. The installation is incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. Check out the video and reference here. A lot of interesting problems are explained in the documentation, one of which being how to go about light instancing to accurately provide light to the scene. Having hundreds of instanced point lights is a possibility, but the time constraints at the time didn't allow for longer rendering times, especially considering the length of the animation. An averaging method was used and is pretty unrecognizable in the final render, only using around 9 lights in the final render. Check out the details of my problems and solutions here!