In the Spring of 2017 Pixar released a challenge to all Renderman users, the "Everything & The Kitchen Sink" challenge. Users and fanatics of Renderman are required to take a premodeled scene and light, material, texture, and render in Renderman. Credit to Cristina Faraj for modeling the scene and a special thanks to my Renderman teacher Malcolm Kesson for all of his guidance.

I imagined the model to be from an old cabin in the woods, someplace where a family would visit every summer. It may be very dingy and a bit worn looking, but it's got a bunch of character to it. The reference I used was a lot of dawn/dusk settings. I really wanted to push the calming atmospheric feel to the scene. I wanted to show these nice, interesting shadows casted by the rest of the room onto the back walls and cabinets. I used this reference a ton for material creation also, what would the pots look like? Would they be like stainless steel or more like a cast iron? My reference helped push add some age to the render and the materials really push the timelessness of the scene.

The final image turned out quite nicely, I was able to play around with volumetrics in the scene for a subtle sense of atmosphere in the image to help create this soothing and calming dawn scene.

The initial lighting, mouse over for inclusion of volumetrics. You can see how when the volumetric fog is lit by all of the lights in the scene that it diffuses out the image quite a bit.

The lighting was done by 4 main lights, a Directional Light Key, a Reflected Light Fill, a Refelected Light for the window, and a very subtle reflected light on the backside. It is important to note here that to volumetrics was only rendered with the Key Light on it, as the other lights diffuse and desaturate the entire image as seen before in the initial lighting image.

Feel free to click on the images to get a closer look, these are close-ups on some of the objects in the scene. The first is focusing on the grungy textures on the cabinets, the second is the subsurface scattering on the garlic braid and seashell, and the rusty, dirty metal of the refrigerator.

Final Thoughts

This project was a ton of fun and I really love the image that came out of it. I liked being able to completely fine tune my image how I wanted. It was nice to work on an entire scene at a single time. Being able to craft the entire scene and apply focus where I thought it would be best used was a great experience. Running through the entire pipeline from taking a model, prepping it, gathering reference, texturing, lighting, and fine tuning ended up being a very full experience that taught me a ton. Using renderman was truly a blast and I can't wait to get into it again!