Skyscraper Destruction

This project I have been working on to get a better grasp on setting up RBD simulations and extra simulations afterwards. The idea was heavily inspiried by this post on the Odforce forums. I thought it would be a good exercise to learn and practive some different effects. It's another good exercise in procedural building as this skyscraper is completely procedural with a few controls like width, floor height, floor amount, and some spacing controls. Sadly because of my school work this project has taken a bit of a backseat, but I'm continuing to iterate when I can.

Skyscraper Destruction v01 from David Grzesik on Vimeo.

I'm fairly happy with the result but realize I still have a ton of work to do. My biggest concern is the constraints, seen below. I currently have them mapped to a ramp to determine their strength as to break up the building properly into chunks. This works nicely but when the building lands it sort of bounces around rather than hit and absorb the collision. I think the constraints based on the ramp is a good starting place and am going to work to layer a bit of noise in to try to get more chunky pieces to come out when the meteor hits and to get the building to crunch a little when it falls. I also have a system partially in place for shattering the windows. This way you can use this quick tool to shatter all the windows in the immediate area due to the shockwave and immediate pressure of the impact. I learned these things from surfing the odforce forumns, so thanks to them!

I have been attempting to source debris from the RBD's themselves, post simulation, but have been encountering problems. As seen above, the debris is emitting from the majority of the building during the collide. I've found the debris source node to be fairly problematic, but haven't found a way around it yet. If I ever get the time, I'll come back to this problem.